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Hi y'all,
I have something a little different today. I put my first YouTube video up and it's an updated room tour. I know I did one recently but, It thought it would be cool to do it in video format!The quality isn't the best despite me shooting on my Canon camera, because I had to edit on lousy windows movie maker. 
Anyway despite that, I hope you enjoy it and don't hesitate to give me me any advice. 
The song is KP nuts by the lovely Kate Moss and Pete Doherty when they were together, I don't know if  I'm allowed to use it because of legal reasons but if the video gets flagged, it gets flagged! 
Hope you like it,


  1. Love the Nirvana poster and the little cacti are so sweet! And omg I am so jealous of your record player! xo

  2. I so love this so much, your room and the format! The song fits so nicely, and I sort of like the blurriness sometimes, it adds that super home-y feel. Also how is your room so clean omg mine looks like my closet and backpack vomited all over it. Yikes.

  3. Cute room tour Lexie! Love it! Xx

  4. Love this Lexie! Can't wait for more videos :)
    Tasha xxx

  5. lovely room tour video! it's really lovely to take a sneak peek at your personal space, perhaps of the places that you make your blog happen! nice touch with the cactus decor too <3

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)
    AL xx

  6. such a nice room!! x

  7. Loool if te video gets flagged it gets flagged :D mew favorite quote :DD
    Btw your room looks really nice & cozy! I love your plants

    Xx Barbora


thank you x

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