Hey guys! I'm sorry that I haven't posted for a while. I've been really, really busy. Last Saturday, my sister got married. It was such a lovely day and she looked stunning. I'm envying her right now as they are Honeymooning in Bora Bora! I will have a post up with photos soon when they get the photos from the photographer however for now, I have a couple of photos up on my instagram which you can see. 

Last week was also mock week for me so I've been non-stop revising. It really wore me out (I may have fallen asleep a couple of times in lessons..) It's all over now except for my art exam on Tuesday.

Aside from that, earlier on today I went shopping. My main reason was to buy Tasha a present for her birthday but I made a few exceptions for myself. I went into a couple of my favourite charity shops and picked up these amazing buys! These Levi 501's have been my best charity shop buy so far and they only cost me £6, beat that Urban Outfitters. This jumper was from a different charity shop, Scope and cost me a £5. I love it because its unbelievably soft and its a perfect fit.  

I'm going to be changing my blog name and URL soon to, Lexiealexandra. The reason for this is because, I feel that Ohpinkcandyfloss is a little bit dated. For those of you who don't know Alexandra is actually my name but, I've always been called Lexie since I was little. I feel that Lexiealexandra will be a lot more versatile. 

Hope you like it,
-Lexie xx