Top- River Island 
Jeans- h&m 
Shirt- brothers
Shoes- Asos 
Sunglasses- h&m
Gah. Can we just talk about how nice the weather has been here? It feels like summer! I've been doing a lot of revision recently, we have mocks in two weeks. Hannah and me decided to go to town and sit on the green by the cathedral and revise. It was so nice to do revision outside, it definitely made a difference. I'm wishing now that wore shorts so I could get a tan, I look so pale in these pictures it's horrible!
I posted an ootd yesterday but, I prompty deleted it because I wasn't happy with it. Do you ever get that when you look at a post and feel that it's not quite right? Anyway, heres on to make up for it. 
You guys haven't seen my jellies yet either! I bought them last year when it was impossible to find them anywhere. I spent hours trying to find some and now they're everywhere. 
- Lexie xx