Marc Jacobs a/w 14

I loved the Marc Jacobs a/w collection. All of the shapes and colours were perfect, and Narrs did and excellent job with the make-up. These are a few of my favourite features from the collection, second from the bottom is Kendall Jenner's outfit. I love the bag, but it is a but strange to see her walking down the catwalk when I normally see her on The Kardashians. 
Anyway, I loved the collection and it's a brilliant comeback for Marc since his exit at Louis Vuttion. 
Who has been your favourite desginer at NYFW? 
HoH's show is today, I'm so annoyed I can't go :( Oh well, I'm sure there will be pictures on Instagram. 


  1. Ah I love it! The neutral and beige colours are so nice, as well as the fabric texture! I find it weird seeing Kendall on the runway too...she seems to be everywhere suddenly - I saw her on vogue's insta doing loads of shots for a campaign, and they were quite good!

    - Anna

  2. I know! I saw a post on tumblr where someone said they felt that Marc was using her to promote the brand more. I don't think that was the case though, and think she did a good job!xx

  3. Absolutely loved the hole theme of this show ! The clothes were on point especially the kitted ensemble which were my favorites. The pastel and cream jackets were amazing too and the melancholic music made it so interesting. Great post :) Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin ? Let me know and I'll follow you right back ! x


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    2. I loved the show! I watched it livestream and it was awesome, although it probably wasn't as good as being there! Of course xx

  4. Hi dear! Thank you for dropping by on my blog, I'm now following you via GFC so I hope you'll follow back! ;) have a lovely day xx
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