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inspiration 2

inspiration by lululexie on Polyvore

Hi! I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. I got back from my holiday in Spain on the 31st and since then I've been revising like crazy because I have mocks next week.. In fact I should be revising now but I was on the laptop an it felt weird not to do a blog post. Next weekend I'll post my photos from Spain but, as that involves editing the photos etc I'll wait until my exams are over. I decided to use polyvore to make this inspiration post because I thought it would look cool as a collage type thing!
So, if you can't judge from the photos, I'm currently obsessing over, Alexa Chung, Matt Hitt, Wild Belle and Chloe Norgaard. I recently watched Chloe Norgaard's Stylelikeu's Whats underneath project and I loved it. The whole project is my favourite thing on YouTube, it's so inspiring seeing how what people wear has been affected by their lives. It's so amazing watching them open up to the screen and I have been brought to tears by a few of them. 
As for Wild Belle, I saw them in an interview last year and I absolutely loved their style so I went to listen to their music and loved it even more. Their music is a mixture of folk and reggae (the best way to put it!) and it's uber catchy.
Who is your favourite artist at the moment?

Saturday, 25 October 2014

travel makeup

Products left to right;
Mascara- Rimmel London
Karma perfume- Lush
Lipstick in the shade Faux- Mac
Almond and milk hand cream- Burt's Bees
Skin Tonic Spritzer- Liz Earle
Tinted moisturiser/cream- La Roche Posay
Makeup bag- Chanel

I'm lucky enough to be going on holiday this half term to Spain. Going away in the autumn half term is always the best time to go because a, it's freezing in England and b, all the summer clothes are on sale. Lets just say, I've done quite a bit of shopping recently. However, going abroad does mean travelling which of course means being tired and looking awful.
I was going through products to take with me and I narrowed it down to my top 7 travel makeup products. These are my favourite products to help revitalise my skin on the plane and on land!
1. Rimmel London Mascara
I'm very fussy with mascara because, I hate clumpy, obvious mascara. I like my makeup to be subtle and natural and this mascara is perfect for that. It isn't waterproof however, it does fare well in water.
2. Vaseline
Vaseline is my go to product. I love it. You can use it on eyelashes, eyebrows, dry skin and of course dry lips My lips are always dry no matter the weather, so on planes they are unbearable. I love this Vaseline to wear on my lips because of the pink tint.
3. Karma Perfume Lush
This perfume was my mums but she gave it to me! This perfume took a while for me to like because it's very distinctive. My mum compared it to the smell of marijuana because it's such a powerful smell! Despite that, I love it. It's perfect for long journeys because it lasts a really long time.
4.Mac Lipstick in Faux 
This lipstick is another of my go to lip products. It matches my natural lip colour perfectly so it's brilliant at covering my dry lips and of course, it smells divine. 
5. Burt's bees hand cream
It took the longest time for me to like this product. Again, it has a very distinctive smell. When I heard it was almond and milk, I was expecting a creamy, vanilla scent, however it smells almost sour. I got it in a Burt's Bees kit for my birthday and I was determined to like it. Now I do and I can't live without it!
6. Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spritzer
I love this product and I use it so much. It's especially perfect to use before bed because it smells of lavender. It's such a simple product but it works so well at revitalizing tired skin.
7. La Roche Posay tinted cream
Travelling always means having to cut down on the number of products you take. That means I always have to cut out products I use in my daily routine and substitute them for something else. In my case that means having to find a product that covers and moisturises my face aka a good tinted moisturiser. I first heard about La Roche Posay on Into The Gloss and then I bought this product of theirs! It's perfect for holidaying because it also has SPF 50.

What are you favourite products to take travelling with you?

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Despite the fact that it isn't summer any more and that it's basically winter, I've somehow managed to create an inspiration post that is very summery. Nevertheless, here are some things I've been reblogging on Tumblr recently.
I've been trying to reinvent my style to be more bohemian. I currently wouldn't put my style to be in any category per say but, all I can say is that I find my style a bit boring.I want to reflect who I am in my clothes and  I don't feel like I'm doing that at the moment.. Do you ever feel like that?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

label.m review.

So inside of my lfwend goodie bag I was gifted two Label.m products; the salt spray and shine spray. I was also lucky enough to get my hair done by Toni and Guy and my sister bought me the relaxing balm after the hairdresser used it in my hair. So here is my review of three products by Label.m.

Relaxing Balm- This product is supposed to be used to tame and control  curly/ fizzy hair. Firstly, the product smells amazing with a scent of lavender. The product is clear and quite thick, although I had been expecting a moose consistency. I found this made it easy to use too much product.  Nevertheless, the product does a great job at cutting the frizz and I can definitely see the difference on my frizzy, 1st day hair.

Sea Salt Spray- I love this product so much. Despite having tonnes of sea salt sprays, this definitely stands out as a favourite alongside Bumble and Bumbles. The smell is really hard to define, I would personally say it's quite medicinal but not in an overwhelming way. The spray comes out and is visible so you really have to work it in which is good as it works more effectively.

Shine Spray- Despite only using this product once, I would have to say it is very good. I must admit, I haven't yet tried it on dry hair but it was very effective on wet hair. My first worry was that it would make my hair appear greasy however, it didn't at all! The product has a fruity fragrance which I prefer to both of the other two products smells.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Label.m products. They smell and look amazing, and all in all work for my hair type! I would definatley recommend them, particularly the relaxing balm for those of you with thick hair.


*I started a Tumblr Portfolio of some of my photography stuff. I would be so grateful if you could check it out, I still don't know if it's a good idea or not..

Friday, 10 October 2014


Autumn #003

Hey guys. After getting overly upset with the weather being cold, wet and rainy, I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that it's now autumn/ winter and time to buy a whole new wardrobe! I joke of course because there's no way I could afford my taste. Nevertheless, this autumn/winter I've been wearing a lot of tights with skirts/shorts. I just love the way it looks! What have you guys been wearing a lot of recently?
*Can we also ignore the fact that those shorts are mean't for summer...!